The Integrated Digital Enterprise – The Mission Framework

February 15th

The coming of the integrated digital enterprise is going to introduce a renewed need to revisit the overarching mission.  Each of the elements of the enterprise has been given interactive dimensions by new technologies that are encouraging core constituencies to seek a voice in strategic decision making.

The democratic impulse of the critical constituencies – customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and host communities – has been created and reinforced by a realistic recognition that major interests are in play.  New technologies, capabilities and management practices have made it possible to move jobs across the globe.  Those who fail to participate in the dialogue risk having others define their interests for them.

And so each part of traditional strategy formulation and implementation has new interactive elements.  Whether it’s crowd sourcing strategy definition or creating new measures of performance (juxtaposing top down controls with bottom up grass roots democratic impulse), the new integrated enterprise will be an interactive one.

Building new leadership styles and management practices will face the challenge of bringing new voices into the conversation about future direction.  To do this effectively, what will be critical to their essence will be the way in which the conversations are conducted.  Above all there will be a new need to align them with a larger framework of mission which is itself aligned with societal context.The Framework


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