The Future of the Internet

June 4th

The Washington Post began the week with a piece on page one top left column on the latest in popular Internet security discussion, “Search Engine Shows Risks to Machines.”  (Robert O’Harrow Jr.).  The piece offers an account of the discovery that a search engine that identifies devices connected to the Internet had identified thousands of industrial control systems that have virtually no security.

On the one hand there would seem to be no surprise here.  But it doesn’t require the imagination of Ray Bradbury to see what might happen if there were someone who sought to exploit this kind of vulnerability.  There is a long period of time between the initial bombing of the World Trade Center and 9/11 that is worthy of thought when you see this kind of security loophole.  But then, no one would have thought that such destructive action was possible.

The front page of the Washington Post offers one of those moments that should cause us to think about the enormous changes that are underway…and their risks.

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