Sustaining the Gain

February 28th




One of the most powerful insights of recent years has been the growing understanding that transformation is a continuous process. The dynamics that have eroded traditional business models are likely to work again to undermine future transformed models as well.

To anticipate the need for continuous transformation there will be a need to anticipate future cycles of change and, in the case of democratic processes, to track the way that the very concept of democratic management is changing. In coming times of change, there will be a challenge to the legitimacy of decisions and a need to find sources of shared value. For boards, there will be a need to create structures and processes that can reinforce the values of democratic enterprise.

The governance challenge should not be underestimated. Boards will be slow to come to recognize the need to share power that they have traditionally enjoyed. Yet without opening decision making, the legitimacy of any democratic process will be challenged.

➢ Is your governance process ready to sustain continuous and open transformation?

➢ Seeing the resistance to change should be a warning flag for the future as this demand for transformation may not be the last. Are you ready to create a continuous transformation that positions each cycle of the process for the next?

The Epilogue: Finding True North

For future leaders, the need to make decisions that require trust from constituencies that have not been active in strategic decisions will become increasingly important. To sustaining the legitimacy of decisions will require that future leaders find the means to become the authentic leaders of values-driven organizations so that leadership can increasingly foster an open, trusted dialogue among stakeholders.


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