Centering Transformation with Innovation

February 14th




The vision of a new future is essential to transformation. In fact, the transformation process is, at its core, the journey from one state that is facing decline to a new and better existence.

Innovation is the process that you have to rely upon to create a focal point for such a vision of the future. For it to be reliable, your innovation process has to become a proven method where you have confidence that you can invest resources and produce expected results in a predictable timeframe.

Yet, even as innovation is being discussed more frequently by the leaders of colleges everywhere and its dynamics are becoming better understood, many leaders have come to recognize that innovation often must be disruptive. Incremental changes that are made to sustain the traditional enterprise and the traditions of the past are not likely to be equal to the scope of the transformation that will be needed. In many organizations, as stakeholders gain greater voice, disruptive innovation will be difficult to manage unless it is crafted through open dialogue that brings all the stakeholders into the conversation.

➢ Do you have a shared vision of an innovative future?

➢ Is the innovation process a trusted and reliable one that will produce predictable outcomes in the time that you need them?

➢ Will the innovation process that you have today produce results that will be equal to the scope of the challenges that you face?

➢ Is the innovation likely to be broad enough? Is it going to be disruptive of the traditions or distressful for the stakeholders who will have to support it?

In the modern transparent enterprise, it’s unlikely that disruptive innovation can be kept secret and sequestered—more likely it will have to be open and the stakeholders will have to be invited to participate in order to let it proceed at all.



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