Transformation Strategy is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in assisting private and public clients with transformation strategy formulation and implementation.  Robert Reisner created the firm in 2003 to establish a platform for building alliances and virtual teams suited to individual client needs.  Since then he has worked with a number of global consulting firms, IBM, the Monitor Group, Accenture and A.T. Kearney and also with firms with technical and specialized expertise such as NGI-S, SLS, Acquisition Solutions, Cambria and Global Insight to fashion creative solutions to client requirements.

The core mission of Transformation Strategy is to assist leaders in guiding successful transformational change.  Often this begins with a conversation about the process of leading change, a sequence of thinking, doing and reflecting.  (See the Transformational Leadership Process under Working Papers.)

Robert Reisner has been a management consultant for more than 20 years specializing in crafting strategies for private and public clients facing market transformation. He has been a partner and senior officer in a number of consulting firms specializing in various aspects of strategy consulting and business development.  These have included Putnam Hayes & Bartlett and Market Opinion Research in the 1980s and ICF Inc. in the 1970s.  His clients have ranged from global corporations to government agencies to international posts, to telecom ventures to Hollywood Studios. Mr. Reisner is an expert in the interaction of public policy and business strategy in the context of revolutionary market change.  He has advised clients facing challenges involving the Internet Revolution, telecommunications policy reform, and environmental and energy policy shifts among other historic changes of recent years.

Robert Reisner also served in governmental positions such as Vice President for Strategic Planning of the US Postal Service (1996-2001) and Vice President for Technology Applications (1993-1996), as well as positions in the White House, the Office of Management and Budget, the Federal Energy Administration and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Mr. Reisner is a graduate of Harvard Business School (MBA with Distinction, 1971) and Yale University (BA with Honors in American Studies, 1968) where he received the Corning Traveling Fellowship. For resume (pdf).

He was a lecturer and research fellow at the Yale School of Management from 1976-79 developing the policy workshop course focusing on Energy Policy.  He is the author of Energy Conservation and the States from Energy Conservation, John Sawhill and Roger Sant editors, of “When a Turnaround Stalls”, Harvard Business Review, 2002 (see working papers) about the USPS confrontation with the Internet and “A Leader’s Guide to Transformation” (see working papers) among other more technical papers and chapters concerning the postal service, strategic planning, leadership and innovation.

Transformation Ventures

Through partnerships with experts such as communications strategists, multimedia designers, Internet public policy specialists, economists and lawyers, Transformation Strategy Inc. has the capability to assemble the expertise that fits specific client needs with speed, reliability and resilience.

Also working with global leaders in management consulting, supply chain management and leadership development, Transformation Strategy has formed the critical mass of specialization and large scale consulting experience needed to move to scale rapidly.

The base of expertise in transformation studies has offered a base for venture capital, entrepreneurship and venture development.