Seeing the Whole Picture

October 27th

In an increasingly interactive marketplace, there will be a need to think about transformation in a holistic manner.  There are at least five classic stages to the process.  Defining the gameplan and launching transformation, centering the change process with innovation, defining a strategy that’s creatively balanced, implementing transformation dynamically and sustaining the gain even as the forces that compelled change erode and force a new transformation process.

What’s important about understanding that these stages interact with one another is to recognize that they each need to be considered at the same time and adjusted accordingly.  For example, the scope of the innovation that you will need will depend on how much time there is.

Likewise, you cannot wait until you are sure that there will be a decline in the traditional business.  You have to anticipate the decline and begin to invest in the innovation program while there is time.

In the interactive marketplace there is a need to see the entire panorama and the whole journey – the ascent, the second path and the turning point.

What’s more, the increasing activism of the constituencies of the traditional organization will ensure that the traditional sequential way of looking at a process like transformation will no longer be representative of the way in which organizations interact and consider the elements of transformation.

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