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The Growth of Global eCommerce Projected to Double to $2 trillion

January 16th

FedEx recently published a study to highlight the growth of cross border shopping. The study, conducted by Forrester, interviewed 9,000 people in 17 country and small businesses with cross border operations.

Online buying now represents $1 trillion per year and it’s predicted to nearly double in the next 4 years. Clothing and apparel, books, electronics and cosmetics are the largest categories of purchases.

The growth varies around the world. But the picture is nonetheless a compelling one of a world that’s being transformed by new commercial flows.

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 8.11.43 PMThe study found that 82% of those interviewed made a purchase outside of their home country. This varied from 90% of Canadians to 59% of Japanese spend an average of $300 per year.  The major exporters today are the US, Great Britain and China.

With a projected doubling of global eCommerce, the dynamics of change will be interesting to watch.

As FedEx no doubt intended, the Forrester map of the world shows the possibilities for the small and medium companies who are online sellers today

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