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Gates on Sustainability

February 26th

This is a haunting talk at TED earlier this month by Bill Gates on Sustainability. In the best tradition of a talk by someone who wanted to share something that they had been thinking about, except that this is Bill Gates – not just your average speaker.

I watched this and was astonished that I/we could be slowed even a step by the resurgent denial school who want to push aside the thought that we are building a debt related to CO2 that we must address.

Then Gates on nuclear power brought back thoughts of Marble Hill Indiana when I took a swing at nuclear power and learned how to spell passionate political opposition.

Innovation and the Regulator

February 18th

What will be important to the future viability of the Postal Service in America will be to create a regulatory process that is agile, flexible and fair.  The goal should be to create a system where postal employees who may be carrying mail to households will bring their best, most innovative ideas forward, where entrepreneurs know that they can say “I have an App for that” and find a partner in the government’s monopoly postal system.

On February 17th 2010 the Postal Regulatory Commission held a hearing to receive comments on the Postal Service’s Annual Compliance Plan.  I participated in the forum and introduced Comments.

In my comments I noted that the Commission had been clear that it wanted to be judicious in “calling balls and strikes” but in a time of economic crisis where the future viability of the Postal Service may be in question its important for the Commission not only to do its assigned job, but also to work with the Postal Service, the White House and the Congress to widen the strike zone.