“Data Don’t Give Up Their Secrets Easily. They Must Be Tortured to Confess.”

May 1st

This Harvard Business Review blog post from Thomas C. Redman, the author of Data Driven (2008) makes the interesting point that the emerging age of data will demand organizational change. He describes his experience with Bell Labs to get at a challenge that’s captured in the lead quote.

To create a systematic discovery process will require that future leaders organize appropriately (Redman describes this as creating a laboratory). Learning to manage the lab and to manage the people will be the challenge of making this work. Yet even though the practice is now unfolding, Redman has succeeded in highlighting the key challenge of the new era.

As we discover data resources that were never practical or even reachable in the past, the next question will be how to make use of the new resources – in short, where will the thinking take place?

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